The Integrated Co-operation on Explosive Hazards (ICExH) programme is an OSCE initiated effort and a system of mechanisms to support the participating States (pS) in Central Asia, in addressing concerns and challenges stemming from Explosive Hazards.

The overall goal of the ICExH programme is to improve the Explosive Hazards situation in the interested pS in Central Asia. This includes issues related to Explosive Ordnance Disposal, demilitarization of Explosive Ordnance and Countering Improvised Explosive Devices (C-IEDs) and their proliferation, as well as Risk Awareness and Reduction.

The underlying rationale for the ICExH programme is that shared challenges and concerns regarding Explosive Hazards call for a technical level of co-operation through joint trainings in accordance with international standards, exchanging of experiences and lessons learnt as well as regular expert contacts. 

Addressing the issues related to Explosive Hazards enhances security and augments stability on a national and regional level in Central Asia.


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