The exchange of experiences in Ukraine, Kyiv 25-29 November 2019

During 25-29 November 2019, the Programme Office in Dushanbe conducted exchange visit programme to Ukraine for the Central Asian Delegation in the frames of the programme to support development of cooperation mechanisms between the Central Asian states in the field of threats and challenges associated with explosive hazards. 14 participants represented by Ministry of Defence of Kazakhstan, Border Service of Turkmenistan, Ministry of Defence of Tajikistan, Regional Training Centre on Explosive Hazards of Tajikistan, Tajikistan National Mine Action Centre, Sapper’s Union of Tajikistan and international demining operators acting in Tajikistan (Norwegian Peoples’ Aid and Swiss Foundation for Mine Action) had chance to get familiarised and to explore best practices and potential of Ukraine in the field of humanitarian demining and response to explosive hazards.


Visit of CAPSTONE delegation to the Regional Explosive Hazards Training Centre of MOD RT

On October 18, ICExH project together with the representatives of MOD RT and Tajikistan Border troops hosted a visit of CAPSTONE delegation from US Army to REHTC/Chimteppa. The review meeting was opened by major General Miravarov from the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Tajikistan and Deputy commander of the Tajik Border troops Mr. Nosirzoda, followed by the short presentations on the OSCE activities and a tour inside the REHTC, which coincided with practical demonstrations on technical studies of the contaminated area and the movement of explosives.


Visit of OSCE Ambassadors to the Regional Explosive Hazards Training Centre of MOD RT

On October 8, 2019 a group of twenty-one Permanent Representatives to the OSCE visited an exhibition organized by the ICexH programme team and the OSCE Border unit at Regional Explosive Hazards training centre of MOD RT in Chimteppa Regiment.




САҲА ифтитоҳи Маркази минтақавии таълимӣ оид ба таҳдидҳои таркандаи Вазорати мудофиаи Тоҷикистонро дастгирӣ мекунад

6 августи соли 2019, намояндагони воломақоми Вазорати мудофиаи Тоҷикистон, Дафтари барномаҳои САҲА дар Душанбе ва Сафорати ИМА дар маросими ифтитоҳи расмии Маркази таълимии минтақавӣ оид ба таҳдидҳои таркандаи Вазорати мудофиаи Тоҷикистон ширкат варзиданд.

Таъсиси ин марказ тибқи Ёддошти ҳусни тафоҳум байни лоиҳаи ғайрибуҷетии САҲА “Барномаи ҳамкориҳои ҳамаҷониба дар соҳаи маводҳои тарканда”, ки моҳи ноябри соли 2017 ба имзо расидааст, оғоз ёфтааст.



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